Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Below are the services WordLab provides to help develop, share and amplify a client’s message.

Copywriting, Editing & Proofing

The written word is a critical element to establishing brand identity,
maximizing reach and increasing your visibility. We provide
high-quality writing that delivers your message in a compelling and effective way. This includes crafting press releases, creating media kits, writing for websites and copywriting for social media, among others.

Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most visible components of a business and offers unparalleled opportunities to communicate with your audience. We help manage clients’ social media presence on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to increase engagement and brand awareness. We do this through content tailored to each platform, posting plans, content calendars and community management.

Multimedia Production

We produce video and audio content that can help engage and inform audiences in ways other creative media can not. It’s also extremely versatile content that can be used across social media, client websites and be submitted to traditional media outlets.

Crisis Communications

Unpredictable events can quickly snowball into a damaging crisis that negatively affects a client’s public perception and reputation. We perform crisis communication services in partnership with the senior leadership at Broadreach Public Relations, a firm with extensive experience in this field.

Public Affairs Outreach

Small businesses and nonprofits who have outside advocates and supporters are much more likely to reach their goals. To this end, we work with the senior team at Broadreach Public Relations to engage stakeholders, gain support for issues and causes and positively influence relevant decision-makers.

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