WordLab Opens Doors in Former Irish Clubhouse

July 11, 2019   |    Like this? Share it.

By Kyle Walton

The paint has changed, the plaster is gone, yet something from the past remains. Last winter, WordLab opened its doors for the first time in what was once the Workingmen’s Club. Founded in 1904. The club was constructed to give longshoreman and rail workers a space to congregate off-hours in a place that wasn’t a magnet for disrepute or vice.

Workingmen’s Club

Today, WordLab also hopes to reach out to our local community for a different purpose. WordLab was established by two proven public relations leaders who recruited client support from seven apprentices whose skills and work history come from a diverse mix of personal interests and life experiences.

What does WordLab do?

Public relations. Our work demands a balance of curiosity, experimentation, and wordsmithing. In structure alone, WordLab is fundamentally different in the way it operates from predecessors. Especially when it comes to our division of labor. CEO Linda Varrell & Program Director Wayne Clark oversee and mentor a team of apprentices while ensuring that public-facing work is ready for wide distribution. As a team, we push to make WordLab operate at a high enough level to be a company worthy of our efforts.

As communication-dependent sectors continue to expand in Maine, there will be a growing demand for enterprises like WordLab to represent them. Even small- and medium-sized businesses have fostered a keen awareness of the importance of communications and measurement of public perception. WordLab is dedicated to combining established communication tactics with new media and outreach channels.

WordLab keeps coming back to fundamental questions like… who needs us and who will care about WordLab’s creation?

Much like the impetus for our building’s construction, people are walking through our doors in the Old Port because the marketplace hasn’t given them what they need yet. It’s our job to help them get it.