Why I Applied to Be An Apprentice

September 6, 2019   |    Like this? Share it.

By: Lauren Whitney

I chose to apply to WordLab for the personal and professional opportunities the apprenticeship provides. Before talking about the benefits, let me first define what an apprentice is. An apprentice is not an intern. Though I am finding the words seem to be used interchangeably. An apprentice, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “one who is learning by practical experience under skilled workers a trade, art, or calling” with these positions lasting a year. In contrast an intern is typically a non-paid position, lasting a few months or so, in order to gain experience or meet a job requirement. WordLab’s apprenticeship provides practical public relations experience under the guidance of field professionals Wayne Clark and Linda Varrell. 

Upon receiving a position at WordLab, I made a quick decision to move back home. I attended East Carolina University, roughly 880 miles south of my hometown, and was ready to come home. I didn’t just move back to my hometown, but back into my parents’ home. Again, the apprentice position is only a year long. Living at home is allowing me to save money that I would otherwise be shelling out on rent. Money I can use to begin paying off my loans, or even save up for an advancement on an apartment once I land a long-term position. 

While the personal benefits of saving and relocating closer to family certainly helped solidify my decision to apply, it was the uniqueness of the position that drew me in. 

We are hands-on in all that we do. I can learn while gaining real world experience. My collogues and I are handling clients. We are writing their press releases, we are running their meetings, and we are building their campaigns. Sure, right now I am assisting in most tasks, but I am in the second round of hires. The first round of hires are leading accounts. They are managing clients while helping to show us the ropes. Eventually I will be in their position. Not only are we given practical experience in the world of public relations, we’re honing leadership skills. We’re polishing up our professionalism. We’re building our networks. We’re even understanding the trials and tribulations of a startup. This opportunity is providing all of us with a beneficial transition year into the professional work force.  

It’s easy to see why I applied for my position in WordLab. My family is here. The chance to experiment and take risks is here. The path to my future is here. I’m furthering my education while I build on my professionalism. WordLab is providing my colleagues and I with the tools we need to start our careers. I am so thankful to be given this opportunity.