From the O-H-I-O to the ME

August 21, 2019   |    Like this? Share it.

By: Scott Michael

I am just a kid from Cleveland, always have been and always will be. But for the time being I am a Mainer, and was given an opportunity at a new start-up, WordLab. I recently graduated from The Ohio State University and was looking for my opportunity. WordLab was the place that gave me that chance. The only problem was that it was 700 miles away from home. I had never lived out of Ohio and the thought of leaving was pretty scary. But, out of everywhere I applied to, WordLab was the one place that gave me an opportunity, so I had to swallow my fear and go for it.

So I took the leap and made the move to Portland. It was drastic and continues to be a major adjustment. The staff at WordLab has given me comfort. My colleagues have all been very accommodating to my move here. They have continued to show me around Maine and have showed me the good places to eat and the cool mountains to hike. Our CEO Linda Varrell and our program director, Wayne Clark, have both been very welcoming and helpful to me and the cohorts.   

Maine is full of beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and such an active and vibrant community. I have had the opportunity to walk around Portland’s downtown area and see all of the fun little shops, and experience some of the local food such as The Holy Donut, Otto’s Pizza and Maine Squeeze, just to name a few. The one thing I have been most excited about, however, is the seafood. I am a big lobster fan, so the thought of fresh lobster made Maine sound even better.

Getting used to the sports culture has also been a true shock to my system. I am used to everyone I know being fans of the Cavs, Browns, Indians, and Buckeyes. Now everyone around me are fans of the Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox. The attitude around sports is different in Ohio though, we are starved for winners while Boston sports fans have been relatively spoiled over the past decade or so.  It is different, but I welcome some healthy competition.

This opportunity I have been given is once in a lifetime. Since coming to Maine, I feel I have really started to hone my craft as a writer, researcher, and a communicator. The chance to live in Maine is also exciting. I am encouraged by this change and anxious to see where the year takes me.