Moving to Maine – An Outsider’s Unexpected Challenge

By Brian Lee Maine – I moved here after spending a year-and-a-half in Boston and the 22 years before that in Florida, where I was born and grew up. My move has required some personal adjustments, which I anticipated. But the temperature hasn’t been one of them. The biggest thing about Maine I’ve had an…  Continue reading »

Networking Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag?

By Sacha Kiesman Networking can be a necessary evil for professionals. Everyone knows how important it is, yet many still have to psych themselves up when approaching new groups of people. During WordLab’s  open house on June 13th, I had a chance to practice my networking skills. We had a great variety of people from…  Continue reading »

If I Could Turn Back Time

By Katherine Hulit It’s not every day that you wake up at the center of a world news story, but in the fall of 2011, for me it was. I was an organizer with the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests, which were making headlines around the world, and waking up with cameras in my face…  Continue reading »

The Growth of a Writer: Tips for Self-Editing and Peer Reviewing

By Glendon Zernicke I haven’t always been the best writer but taking English composition classes in college helped me better my self-editing and writing skills. It can be rather easy to let your writing become “bloated” or to leave out key facts that are essential to the understanding of a story.  One thing I found…  Continue reading »

WordLab Opens Doors in Former Irish Clubhouse

By Kyle Walton The paint has changed, the plaster is gone, yet something from the past remains. Last winter, WordLab opened its doors for the first time in what was once the Workingmen’s Club. Founded in 1904. The club was constructed to give longshoreman and rail workers a space to congregate off-hours in a place…  Continue reading »