A Day in the Life of a WordLab Apprentice

By: Lauren Whitney A day in the life of a public relations apprentice is more work than one may think. We are more than just the occasional coffee, chai, and doughnut runners. We have a lot of work to do between all our client events, mixers, and charity functions. As apprentices, we work diligently to…  Continue reading »

Hitting the Right Notes in Music PR

By: Scott Michael Musical artists can hit different types of notes and public relations professionals in this field need to be able to do the same thing. Public relations plays a major role in the music industry. Public relations professionals promote tours, album releases, and artists themselves. Promoting a tour with a simple hashtag or a run through the late-night talk shows can help boost the…  Continue reading »

Encroachment in Public Relations

By: Sacha Kiesman Sometimes organizations view public relations as superfluous – a function that a marketing department can fulfill on the side. This can result in public relations receiving less funding or missing out on a seat at the C-suite. This overlooking of public relations stems from encroachment. Encroachment is what public relations researchers have dubbed the phenomena of individuals…  Continue reading »

Developing Your Client Relations Style

By: Scott Michael Client relationships can mean something different depending on who you ask. To one person, it could mean strictly discussing business in conversation. To someone else, it could mean more personal relationships outside the office. Early in my career, this is how I’m starting to develop my style. To me, a healthy client…  Continue reading »

3 Important Qualities of a Strong Apprenticeship Program

By: Sacha Kiesman Apprenticeship programs are an effective way to ensure that the next generation of workers in your field will be qualified and ready to work. Apprenticeships are all about learning by doing. They place apprentices directly in the environment of their profession with experts that have knowledge to impart. A well-crafted apprenticeship program…  Continue reading »

Why I Chose to Stay in Maine

By: Glendon Zernicke I can’t say that I’ve always been in love with Maine. Growing up, I lived in a small community in Aroostook County that changed dramatically economically and socially as I got older. I watched what used to be booming businesses become nothing but shells of themselves. I experienced my hometown go from…  Continue reading »

Learning: to be continued…

By: Wayne Clark How do you learn a trade? In some cases it starts with post-secondary education. In other cases, the education is on-the-job training or apprenticing. As a society we have tended to neglect apprenticeships and related forms of training, at least in the so-called “white collar” careers. We forget that there was a…  Continue reading »

Why I Applied to Be An Apprentice

By: Lauren Whitney I chose to apply to WordLab for the personal and professional opportunities the apprenticeship provides. Before talking about the benefits, let me first define what an apprentice is. An apprentice is not an intern. Though I am finding the words seem to be used interchangeably. An apprentice, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “one who is…  Continue reading »

History of the Press Release

By: Katherine Hulit A lot of our work at WordLab involves writing press releases. A press release is a statement issued by an organization or individual sent to directly to the media to provide information or issue an official statement. As I often do, I got to thinking:  Who was the first person to write…  Continue reading »

From the O-H-I-O to the ME

By: Scott Michael I am just a kid from Cleveland, always have been and always will be. But for the time being I am a Mainer, and was given an opportunity at a new start-up, WordLab. I recently graduated from The Ohio State University and was looking for my opportunity. WordLab was the place that…  Continue reading »