A Day in the Life of a WordLab Apprentice

November 8, 2019   |    Like this? Share it.

By: Lauren Whitney

A day in the life of a public relations apprentice is more work than one may think. We are more than just the occasional coffee, chai, and doughnut runners. We have a lot of work to do between all our client events, mixers, and charity functions. As apprentices, we work diligently to help our clients present, and maintain, their best selves to the community.

Let me start with what we are, we are apprentices. While holding this title, we must work in a state-accredited environment that requires us to complete 2000 hours of training. As part of this training, we attend seminars and have many assigned readings that we are to complete. The material is divided into months, with bi-monthly exams that are administered to assess our learning. 

The other part of our training, the piece that makes our positions unique, is hands-on learning. Learning by doing, as well as learning through teaching. As part of WordLab’s second cohort, I am learning from the first cohort as well as Linda and Wayne. As the program grows, my cohort, cohort two, will be leading and teaching cohort three the processes and procedures. 

So far, I have discussed our almost daily coffee runs, our educational readings, and the testing that is involved, and now it is time to discuss the most important part — client work. The bulk of our day is spent on managing our client work. We oversee setting up, holding and reporting on meetings. Our duties also include drafting up press releases, pitching stories, creating content and collaborating with our co-workers over the next steps for our clients’ success. Did I mention that we each hold multiple clients? So, times some of these tasks by two, or even three, and you could fill a whole day on client work alone; and for the most part that is what we do when we don’t have an exam coming up.

So let’s suppose that you’ve caught up on your emails this morning, drafted a press release, read two chapters of your required reading, set up a client meeting, sent out some pitches, monitored social media accounts, and checked in with clients — by now most of your day is gone. Not to mention you probably have a few new emails to respond to, and on top of all of this, you have work for other clients to do or have a mandatory reading for the upcoming exam. Is it more than you expected? 

At WordLab we are full-time paid professionals, even if our official title says “Apprentice”. A day in our life is like that of a Junior Associate in a PR Agency, with maybe just a bit more fun, and doughnuts, of course.