About Wordlab

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A new approach to communications and marketing


Our mission is to provide affordable, timely and effective communication services to nonprofits and small businesses with limited budgets, so they can raise their profile to attract funds, friends and new clients to grow and be successful. We do this by training and mentoring the next generation of communicators with real-world work in a rich culture steeped in exceptionalism.


WordLab is an interactive platform (live and virtual) that connects organizations with the necessary communication resources needed to tell their stories and achieve their goals. We are serving 100s of clients around the country at the intersection of consumer, business, government and nonprofit in circumstances where resources are scarce.

We (leadership/staff/faculty) are nurturing the next generation of professionals through internships and apprenticeships encompassing real-world work woven with rigorous curriculum. Our fun and collaborative social enterprise is attracting high-level candidates, funding, partnerships and attention nationally, and is recognized as the incubation hub for launching careers in public relations, public affairs, and communications.


Embrace candor in all conversations
Be curious about our clients and world
Experiment and take risks
Think big picture
Persist, never give up
Connect with the community
Always deliver
Expect the unexpected


We currently service clients in Maine and New Hampshire with the intent on being able to service clients nationally over time.